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Content. Messaging. Copy. It still all comes down to words.

Writing is the foundation of my services, whether you’re seeking  marketing copywriting, PR and media writing, or internal business communications. My approach is straightforward. I work with my clients to learn what sets them apart, identify their voice and tell their most compelling stories.

Through my network of top-notch creative and technical professionals, including graphic and web designers, book production designers, photographers,  and media/PR specialists,  I also offer a number of multi-faceted projects and solutions.

Here’s a breakdown of my writing and editing services. For even more specifics or a project quote, contact me  either by phone or email.


Marketing and Business Writing

We write marketing content you’ll use to tell your brand stories, communicate with your customers, or reach a specific audience. Some typical services include:

  • Website Content
  • Marketing Brochure Copy
  • Blog Posts
  •  Articles
  • Case Studies/Customer Success Stories
  • Email Marketing and Landing Pages
  • Press Releases
  • Media Kits and Electronic Press Kits
  • Internal Business Communications
  • Sales and Information Sheets
  • Newsletters and internal publications
  • Ghostwriting
  • Social media profiles


Professional Editing Services
Why risk creating marketing collateral or business communications that aren’t hitting the mark? Poorly written marketing materials, online content or internal communications can be misleading, unclear or damaging to your business reputation. A professional editor can elevate your written material to a new, more polished level.

My services go beyond correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation. I’ll make sure that your writing accurately reflects your voice and brand, and delivers your intended message to your audience.

I offer all levels of editing and proofreading, on a project by project basis. Please note that technical and medical editing services are available upon request, through my extended professional team.