How Do I Love Thee? How to Woo your Target Audience Every Day (and Not Just on Valentine’s Day)

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Today millions of individuals – young, old, single, and attached – will present their sweethearts, significant others, best friends, and even pets with gestures of affection. The more cynical among us will argue that Valentine’s Day is a commercialized holiday, while the more reflective may suggest that we should be affectionate with our loved ones every day of the year. I’m going to side with the reflective portion of the public –since I’m talking about showing affection to your target audience. When crafting the perfect marketing content, you want to woo your best customers every time you make a connection, and not just on the occasional holiday.

Here are four ways to create appealing and captivating content that has a good chance of keeping your audience close to your heart.

  1. Remember, it’s all about them. Your customers don’t want to hear a sales pitch over and over. They want to learn how you can help them solve a problem, learn something new, or find a better or more efficient way to get something done. Focus your content marketing on ways to make their business better.


  1. Make the visuals stunning. Content is most successful when it’s a combination of words and images. In fact, researchers such as molecular scientist Dr. John Medina, author of Brain Rules, say that your audience will be much better at remembering your message when there are images. So even when you have a way with words, high quality imagery will enhance your written post, article, or social media content and provide a greater value to your audience and viewers.


  1. Tell it from the heart. Use some elements of storytelling in your content to attract your target audience. In his now classic post, 21 Kinds of Content We Crave, marketing expert Scott Aughtmon, shows what type of content will reach your audience on an emotional level every time.


  1. Share the love and create some meaningful interaction. Share or repurpose your content for your multiple social media channels. Try to inspire some interaction or meaningful conversation among your followers.


Meaningful and valuable content can be a powerful way to attract an audience. Like any other relationship, it might not always be love at first sight. But the right kind of content might keep them interested enough to keep coming back until they start feeling that they can’t live without you.


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