Introducing Top Three Tuesday: A New Blog Feature

Not long ago, after pouring my second cup of morning coffee, I opened Twitter and found yet another article called “25 Essential Things You Need to Do Right Now To Attract More Customers/Elevate Your Brand/Optimize your Marketing”. As I debated whether or not to continue reading, I recalled an online thread where another writer recently posted that he didn’t have the time or inclination to read a lengthy list of items, websites or solutions. I often feel the same. Part of it, for me certainly, is time – it’s all too easy to get caught up in a lengthy post, (especially if you start clicking through the backlinks).

But the larger part is the overwhelm factor. Do any of us really have time to add 25 new items to our growing to do list of things related to marketing, branding, or productivity? How does a business owner keep up with them? Frankly, it’s nearly impossible.

So, as I sipped that second cup of coffee, I thought, Why not cut it down to three?

The Rule of 3 has been around for centuries – the three-act structure is nearly a constant in works of fiction, in drama and in movies. It’s complete and well-rounded, and it just feels right. The Rule of 3 also works from a productivity standpoint. Time organizing experts suggest getting your top 3 things done every day. Three things will move you forward, but won’t overwhelm you. Three items are memorable. And doable.

As a result, I’m introducing a new feature to my blog: Top Three Tuesday. Every other Tuesday, I’ll highlight 3 tips, ways or methods that will help you amplify your brand, through writing or content and other related areas. I’ll also feature other creative professionals to share ideas that they use themselves or for their clients to make sure their brands are memorable.

My Top Three Tuesday topics will include areas nearly all business owners need to consider, such as brand messaging, website content, professional imaging, and social media strategy.
If you have any ideas for topics you’d like me to cover, please contact me here and I’ll be sure to address them in a future post, or find an expert on the topic to interview.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Top Three Tuesday: A New Blog Feature”

  1. Looking forward to reading your Top 3 Tips! Any writer who’s worth anything knows that “25 Essential Things You Need to Do Right Now To Attract More Customers/Elevate Your Brand/Optimize your Marketing” should be at least 3 articles! 🙂

  2. Absolutely agree with your thinking. Now I’m inspired to read your posts on Tuesdays. As women, we put too much on our plate and it stifles our energies and our creativity.
    Great post, thanks

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