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I'm a creative business and marketing copywriter based in Central New Jersey. I've combined my business journalism background with a flair for storytelling to write inventive, original content that amplifies your brand and engages your audience.

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What the Right Image Means For Your Brand

The power of images is not to be taken lightly. Statistic after statistic from social media and content marketing experts and thought leaders show that content with images gain more views, more shares and make more of an impact on the audience than text-only pieces. Even a writer like me […]

Top 3 Tuesday: Writing Effectively About Your Brand

Branding is no longer the sole territory of Microsoft, Apple and Coca Cola. Businesses of all sizes – from multinational corporations to the deli down the street all have a message and an image they’re trying to convey while connecting with their audience – specifically, the right audience. Branding is […]

Introducing Top Three Tuesday: A New Blog Feature

Not long ago, after pouring my second cup of morning coffee, I opened Twitter and found yet another article called “25 Essential Things You Need to Do Right Now To Attract More Customers/Elevate Your Brand/Optimize your Marketing”. As I debated whether or not to continue reading, I recalled an online […]

5 Key Tips For Twitter Success

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest – let’s face it, social media can be a little overwhelming for small businesses. While it is crucial for all businesses to create and maintain a social media presence, it’s not necessary for every small business to be connected to every platform. I stick to […]